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How to choose man fragrance

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Picture2A good quality fragrance may have between 20 and 150 ingredients, mostly of plant or man-made origin, though some are extracted from animals. The vast majority of fragrance houses commission their fragrances, which can take about three years to create, from fragrance laboratories. The center of the fragrance industry is at Grasse, in the south of france. Here is field upon field of roses, violets, jasmine, lavender and carnations. Gloves, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, patchouli, vetiver and many other plant ingredients are imported from India and the east.

Synthetic ingredients of fragrance are produced by chemical processes, an increasingly important part in the manufacture of fragrance. The chief animal ingredients in fragrance are civet, musk and ambergris. As may be imagined, some of these substances do, in fact, smell vile, but the end result of a blend of them in fragrance is more than a sum of the parts. In this fragrance is like music, and they have a vocabulary in common. At the bottom of a fragrance are the base notes, heavy and lasting, but slow to develop with body’s warmth.

Concentrated fragrance is very expensive, but probably a better buy than eau de toilette. Once you have bought a fragrance use it. It will start to go off about six months after opening, faster if you do not keep it properly. Replace the stopper tightly and put the fragrance bottle in a cool, dim place.